NUFC – an exciting week

A coven of Mackems preparing to invade the Holy Land

A coven of Mackems preparing to invade the Holy Land

Well it was worth the wait wasn’t it? Papiss Cisse’s winner and the celebrations of players, management and fans together was what make’s it all worth it. It also provides the only worthwhile topic of conversation until the next game. Fulham at home on Sunday was one of those tricky little fixtures, under the circumstances had we have not won, the pressure on Sunday week when you know who arrive at Gallowgate could have been too much to take. As it is with three points under the belt, and 5 points breathing space above the trapdoor NUFC should be able to play without fear in the Derby. I say should… That’s if we show the same sort of urgency and desire shown in the second half against Fulham from minute one against the Mackems.

It’s actually been a regular feature this season, and I would love to see us come flying out of the blocks and scare the living be-jesus out of teams. I am convinced we could do that. But tactically we seem to feel our way into games and only really truly start switching on the afterburner come 60 minutes. The discussion on Pardew’s tactics can come another day.

For the minute we can revel in a superb three points and an even better goal from PDC. For all his foibles, do you know what I absolutely love him. You just know he gives a toss, and for every poor touch, misplaced pass or missed opportunity he has made Papiss makes up for it in other areas – most importantly – conjuring goals at vital times. That celebration was amazing, and the ten minutes or so following the final whistle when he came to the Gallowgate and basked in the glory of his winner. What a buzz it must be for him. It was nearly too much of a buzz for me as I had the hangover from hell and made the game by the skin of my teeth after waking from my stuper at 2.30!

Anyway the sheer emotion of the winner saw many grown men of my age and up clutching their chests as though waiting for the inevitable heart attack! Just as well the RVI is so close to the ground I heard one lad saying as we trundled down the stairs. That’s Newcastle though isn’t it? It is this season anyway. Sky sports reporting we have scored more last minute winners than any other team in the PL this season with 6. For me that is a brilliant sign, fantastic character. The good teams always have that in their armoury.

Just a quick word about Fulham, I thought that in Dimitar Berbatov they have a player of supreme quality (he could have had two goals) but shocking attitude. The lad has everything and has had a fantastic career scoring great goals at Spurs and Man United, and has always had a reputation of being surly and sulky. I have seen him live before and he often had a moan at fellow team mates, but Sunday his body language and demeanor was just piss poor. He has everything you would wish for on the ball –  the ball sticks like glue and as he floats all over the pitch he is awkward to mark but let’s just say I don’t see him as actually putting in a “shift”. He isn’t running anywhere for anyone! No doubting his ability mind, and at £4m Fulham got a bargain buy. Mix his silky touch with Cisse’s verve and raw passion you would have one hell of a player.

Back to upcoming matters. Last minute one nils may be great, but I want something more comprehensive next week against the inhabitants of the Village of the damned. As we all know those poor unfortunate souls by birth will come lolloping off their buses onto the sacred land like a scene from Michael Jacksons Thriller searching for points that will stop them sliding out the league. Someone is due a spanking, and Papiss is due a brace or a hat-trick. Could he? Could we? I bloody well hope so, as do all those with a black and white persuasion.

No doubt an exciting week in store for our beloved Newcastle United. To have a European quarter final and a derby in the same week, unbelievable. I for one will be keeping fingers, toes, legs, eyes and anything else I can cross for two famous victories.

Another comment I heard on Sunday was “I would rather beat Benfica and take a point against the Mackems”. Well can we not do both like? Benfica is the tricky one, but really we know what we have to do, win 2-0 and that’s it.

The derby is another matter. The whole occasion is something that seems to be growing bigger and bigger. Like a snowball rolling down a mountain, it is reaching proportions unseen and do you know what – I love and equally hate it. Derby day sickens me to the stomach. In fact it I start to feel sick around 24 hours before, and very rarely relax until the final whistle. Apart from at least one notable exception!

Having said that, I also absolutely love post Mackem slaying ale sessions and there have been plenty!

Here’s to another one, and I will be putting one in the tap for Shola now!

See you on the other side in the Semis and having put another nail in Di Canio’s red and white coffin.



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