Cups – who needs Cups? Not NUFC

A break from the weekends fixtures has left me with time to contemplate. Sitting, stewing, brewing and boiling. A deep uncomfortable burning in the pit of the bread basket – it must be the Mackems again.

Not the derby, but something far more worrysome and depressing.

Sunderland to win a cup? Sends a shudder down my spine, like a bus full of Mackems just danced on my grave.
By the power of Greyskull – NOOOOOO!

Chances are that it will not happen when they come face to face with the best team in the country in Man City – but at least they have the chance.

It’ll be 11 against 11 and a day at the new Wembley for the unwashed to crow about.

NUFC don’t seem interested in the slightest in any cup success, or even a crack at the cups. Sorry that’s wrong, NUFC are NOT interested.

When it comes to the cups we have two hopes, no not the League and FA Cup… Bob Hope and No Hope. As the saying goes, Bob Hope is deed – along with our dreams. As for challenging in the Premier League, probably never going to come is it?

I use the word dream as that’s what I think footy and above all being a fan is all about – dreaming. Dreaming about such things as reaching Wembley, and the ‘what if’s’. No more ‘what if’s’ for us unfortunately.

For the fans this is gut wrenching as we want to win something don’t we? Aye? If you don’t then there is something wrong with you! Football is meant to be an escape from the grim realities of life, for passion and excitement. Not for politics, finances and all the other modern day bullshit.

Recall the promotion scenes following the open top through the town when Keegan took us up in 93? Remember standing at Civic Centre whilst the speeches rang out? Pure joy and pride.

Imagine we won something of note now, the carnage! I would have to take the week off work to recover!

Fair play to the SMB’s, they have given the competition a good crack against some top teams and managed to scrape their backsides into the final via the worst penalty shootout ever witnessed.

Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles would not have looked out of place stepping forward and having a bash!

Newcastle United by their own admission have no ambition for cup success. So all this is not news, nor a shock – it’s already out there. It’s all about the Premier League these days. We keep hearing the same old cobblers that we can concentrate on the league with no cup ‘distractions’.

Our club with it’s proud and rich history, with a tradition and love of cup football woven into the core of the black and white shirt – no longer wishes to partake. Disgrace. Jackie Milburn, Joe Harvey et al – shed blood, sweat and tears for that last and longed for domestic joy. Feats that will be talked about forever more. Not sure that will be the case regards Fat Mikes tenure are you?

We also keep having the garbage about Wigan and Birmingham thrown at us – well they won a cup and went down. Blah, blah and more blah. Oh I see, the Cups are cursed? You win a cup and get relegated do you? Someone better get onto Mourinho or Pellegrini and tip them off of their possible impending fate!

Birmingham and Wigan won cups and went down, yes that is a fact. But they went down because they were not good enough to stay in the league, NOT because of the cup exploits.

If we want to put ourselves in the same bracket as those two clubs – then God help us all.

The good thing about Wigan winning the FA cup last year is that hopefully it has put a shed load of fire in the belly of Citeh players to right some wrongs against the great travelling deluded. I watched the FA cup final last year on Gossy high street, a particularly messy affair for my birthday and had Tevez first scorer 4-0 before the match. City were crap, froze on the day. Another inspirational bet! Surely lightning can’t strike twice?

Will there be a time when we get a run in one of the Cups under Ashley? Maybe – just divn’t hold your breath.
All I know is that I would rather the lads had been going to Bolton, rather than them topping up their tans in the Middle East.

I am certain the players would agree with me, surely they want to win things too. Medals in hand, tales to tell the grand kids. They are not going to sit the bairn’s on their knees with a packet of Werther’s originals and tell them the tale about the time they comfortably finished 9th in the League are they?

As for us, well for me anyway – I want to have memories to take with me when I am gone. Some of my best ever days following Newcastle were in the Cups. Wembley way in 98 was just insane. Even the journey down was fantastic – “We’re all going to Wembley – you’re all going to Legends” banging on the windows as we left the Toon the evening before. High on life and cheap lager.

Old Trafford against Spurs the following year in the FA Cup semi-final remains my favourite ever away game and atmosphere yet. These times will live with me forever more.

We have had our chances to win cups and not so much blown them – but ended up against the best team in the country at the time or even Europe. Playing unwanted roles in doubles and trebles.

Might the Mackems be part of a first ever quadruple? Who knows, time will tell.

All I know is that if the Mackems went and did the unthinkable (almost spewed), I would be more bothered by the uncomfortable truth of our own clubs ‘ambition deficiency’ rather than sickness induced of that mob scooping a prize.

Look at the celubrious list of Cup winners over the years since we had a sniff, makes for bad reading.

Come on United – winning cups is hard enough even when you give it everything, never mind going at it half-cocked. Under this regime and with our current mentality – we are guaranteed that we will never, ever win or even get close to challenging ever again.

How does that float your boat? Just if the club and regime are content to spread the gospel of ‘mediocrity is success’ – doesn’t mean we need to accept it.

Not interested in our history or making history

Not interested in our history or making history

Keep smiling